March 1, 2015

How Much Energy Does An LED Marijuana Grow Light Save?

March 1, 2015
marijuana electricity

I know more and more people that are looking into getting LED grow lights due to the amount of energy they save. Whether it’s to save money, or to lower an indoor garden’s carbon footprint, or both, more growers are considering purchasing one or more LED grow lights for their garden. Electricity is one of the largest, and often the largest, expense for an indoor marijuana garden. You have to pay for lights, and for fans and AC to cool the room because of the added heat from those lights.

LED grow lights can help save money directly because they take so much less energy to operate. LED lights also emit far less heat compared to a HPS or MH light, which further reduces the energy consumption of the indoor garden. So just how much energy does an LED light use compared to a traditional light? And how much money is saved? See the chart below, broken down by state:

led marijuana cannabis grow light lights



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