March 21, 2017

Cannabis Lifestyle Brand Jane West- What it Takes to be a Woman in Weed

March 21, 2017
cannabis lifestyle brand jane west

Jane West is the CEO of the cannabis lifestyle brand Jane West, where she designs and develops accessories and home goods that invite mainstream consumers to experience the benefits of cannabis and take part in the legal lifestyle.

West has a prominent place in the establishing of the legal, business-minded cannabis industry. Prior to launching her consumption-friendly cannabis events company Edible Events in 2014, Jane was a working mother rising through the management ranks as a corporate event planner. After her employer spotted her vaping on CNBC, she was quickly fired.

West took this opportunity to fully immerse and invest herself in the cannabis industry full time. She founded Women Grow, the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization, and is now the CEO of her eponymous cannabis lifestyle brand Jane West.

West recently sat down with to answer some questions ranging from her inspirations to her advice for other women in weed.

West says her mentor is her mother, who started her real estate business at 42. “My mom has taught me to do things my own way and not look to others to figure out how to get it done. She’s also taught me that customers should always come first in business.”

On what it takes to be a leader in the cannabis industry, she said it takes, “vision, tenacity, grit, the willingness to take risks, and the ability to build and lead a team.”

The force that empowers her comes from those she surrounds herself with, like her friends.

“Although I believe you are in charge of your own destiny and you shouldn’t rely on other people to generate your power, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my team. My core group of friends empowers me; it is so important to find a supportive band of individuals who share your passion and inspire you. Together, our vision of what the Jane West brand can be is multiplied.”

West’s advice to women looking to get into weed is to ‘stay agile’, and “understand that everyone’s time is equally valuable, whether you’re the CEO or the intern. We can never get back lost time, so make sure you’re investing it wisely.”


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