August 18, 2015

Advertise Your Marijuana Event On The Weed Blog

August 18, 2015
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advertise marijuana hemp cannabis event weed blogMarijuana events are not new, but they are definitely popping up more than ever recently. All over the country there are marijuana events dedicated to business, or cultivation, or entertainment, and a bunch of other focuses. It seems like almost every time I look at social media these days there is another event being announced. On one hand this is great for consumers, who are always looking to learn more about all things cannabis related. But on the other hand there are so many events out there right now that it leaves the consumer wondering which events are worth going to.

A very common inquiry to The Weed Blog is a consumer asking if an event is legit or not. Yes, the event has a website, and yes, there are speakers there, but are they reputable? These consumers are asking members of The Weed Blog team what they think about the events because they know that The Weed Blog is a reliable source for marijuana news and information. The Weed Blog doesn’t work with just anyone. The Weed Blog only works with people that truly believe in the cannabis plant and believe that prohibition has failed.

That’s not to say that The Weed Blog doesn’t support cannabis capitalism. We fully recognize that people have bills to pay and opportunity costs to consider, and that they need their cannabis event venture to be profitable. The Weed Blog is absolutely all about seeing people succeed in the cannabis industry, which is why we love helping promote cannabis events. Cannabis events are about more than just entertainment and education. They are also about connecting people within the cannabis world so that they can enjoy celebrating cannabis out in the open, instead of in the shadows like we all did for so many years.

Whether you are putting on a cannabis business event, or music festival, or growing seminar, or any other type of marijuana event, you should consider teaming up with The Weed Blog to help promote your event. Below is a testimonial from an event organizer that we have worked with in the past:

Thank you so much for all your marketing support for the Cannabis Creative Conference!  The blogs you posted were our #1 marketing for the Event.  We doubled our attendance goal.  I come from traditional marketing and this event was an entirely new industry for me.  I heard about the Weed Blog several times- but was not sure what the results would be.

I tracked that every Cannabis Creative Conference blog that the Weed Blog posted was re-posted to over 50 other blogs- that is amazing!  Hundreds of our attendees marked the “how heard” from the Weed Blog.  This is truly the best marketing money that we could have spent.  We are excited to partner with you on ALL of our upcoming events and shows.” - Mary Lou Burton, Cannabis Creative Conference (

The members that make up The Weed Blog team are activists first, and business people second. I think that’s readily apparent if you follow this blog. So your advertising dollars don’t just help build your brand by getting your brand in front of the largest online readership in marijuana media, your dollars also help some of the hardest working activists around continue to do what they love to do, which is helping end cannabis prohibition once and for all.


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