March 2, 2016

Everyone Should Own Copies Of The ‘Cannabis Health Summit’

March 2, 2016
virtual cannabis summit

The Virtual Cannabis Health Summit occurred recently, and it was fantastic. Everyone I’ve talked to has said so. The speakers at the virtual summit were second to none, and the amount of information provided was substantial. The summit was completely free to watch live too, which was why I told so many people to check it out. Usually the only way that you get that much solid info is by paying huge sums of money and traveling to who knows where for a conference. That can be very expensive, and often requires taking time off work if you are like me. It’s not a viable option for most people.

There are a lot of readers that have asked me if the summit is going to be aired again because they missed it. If that is you, you are in luck! The entire Virtual Cannabis Health Summit is available now on DVD and/or digital download. There is a fee ($67 digital, $97 for digital and DVD), but it’s a very reasonable fee considering what you get for it. Below is a sample of the speakers and topics that were covered at the summit and that will be on the download/DVDs:

virtual cannabis health summit

You get a bunch of bonuses too which weren’t accessible during the live presentation. You can find out more about what bonuses are offered at this link here, which is also where you can purchase the summit. I know that for me personally, on my next payday, I’m going to purchase the package that has both the digital and DVD versions of the event so that I can share the DVDs with friends and family and I suggest you do the same. Knowledge is power in the fight to reform laws and change minds, and you will be hard pressed to find this much knowledge in one place, especially for such a reasonable price. Spread it!


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