First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Portland

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Portland Patients Have Been Waiting For A Long Time For Safe Access

According to the Bangor Daily News the Wellness Connection of Maine has officially started to serve patients at their new location on 685 Congress St in Portland, Maine. Maine state law allows for 8 total dispensaries statewide, and the Wellness Connection of Maine currently has permits for four facilities that will open by the end of this year.

The opening of the dispensary is quite a bit different than openings out west where there is a media blitz, free giveaways, and hot girls in skimpy clothing. The Wellness Connection of Maine was formerly known as the Northeast Patients Group, which was involved in a showdown with Maine officials over a vapor lounge. I remember reading quotes from Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program Manager John Thiele talking about how that might fly out west, but this is Maine. I was kind of confused because I thought vaporizers are one of the safest form of consumption, and encouraging their use for an approved program would be a good thing...

According to the previously linked to article from Bangor Daily News, "The facility has opened with a dispensary, rooms for services such as acupuncture and counseling, administrative offices, a library and community room for the aforementioned educational events. Renovations to the Congress Street structure, located behind Local 188 restaurant, cost the group more than $150,000, Wellness Connection stated." Below is some info from the Wellness Connection of Maine website about the Portland facility:

We want to support your total wellness, whether that means helping you select the right medicine for your condition, offering other services, or providing educational materials and opportunities. Our patients are always welcome to relax and socialize with one another, get acquainted with our knowledgable and friendly staff and service providers, or enjoy a free cup of tea in our community center. At your Portland dispensary, you will find:

Quality Medicine

  • Variety of strains, from sativa-dominant to indica-dominant
  • Organic options
  • Tinctures and other ingestible forms of medicine (when available)
  • Quality-controlled, laboratory-tested medicines

Wellness Services

  • Educational events and seminars
  • Support groups and individual counseling
  • Acupuncture clinics
  • Other services as available, always at no cost to our patients

And More

  • Medical equipment at reasonable prices
  • Books, magazines, t-shirts, accessories
  • Free coffee and tea bar
  • Welcoming community center