October 2, 2015

Port Huron Protest Of 2011 Dispensary Case Draws Attention, Media

October 2, 2015
port huron medical marijuana protest michigan

port huron medical marijuana protest michiganThirty protesters paraded back and forth in front of the Courthouse at McMorran Boulevard on Wednesday to protest the Michigan Attorney General’s perpetuation of charges in a medical marijuana case dating back to 2011.

Three locations of the Blue Water Compassion Clubs were raided simultaneously in 2011, immediately followed by home raids. The case against Jim and Deb Amsdill, their associates and family members was tossed out of court in 2013 by Judge Cynthia Lane at that very same McMorran Bd. building; the AG’s office appealed, the Appellate Court sent the case back down and the same players are climbing the same ladder once again.

Five defendants appeared in court on September 30 to respond to plea bargain offers made by the Assistant Attorney General. They appeared before Judge Cynthia Lane again, although there was a significant difference between this Court appearance and that one from two years ago: the prosecution was led then by a County prosecutor, and this time it was the Assistant A.G.

Three of the defendants, all Amsdills, rejected the plea deals through their attorneys. Mark and Terra Sochacki reported to the Judge that they are considering the plea deals. The pair were represented by court-appointed attorneys at the hearing; both will return to court on October 12 to give a final response to the plea offers.

The Port Huron Times-Herald reported this:

Prior to the hearing about 30 protesters stood outside of the St. Clair County Courthouse to protest the continuation of the case.

They carried signs with messages such as “leave the Amsdills alone.”

The protestors filed into the courtroom and filled the benches as the hearing began to show their support for the defendants.

Rick Thompson, MI Legalize board member and protester from Flint, said he believed the attorney general should have been respectful of the original decision from the lower courts instead of appealing the ruling last year. Thompson said it is a waste of resources to pursue a case for so long.

Robert Garner, 66, of Lynn Township, also joined in with the protests on Wednesday.

“This is an unconstitutional prohibition act,” Garner said. “People are prohibited from using cannabis because it will interfere with big businesses and doctors. Cannabis cured my cancer.”

Source: The Compassion Chronicles

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