California Unveils Latest Cannabis Rules

Find out how medical users will be impacted from January 1st.
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On Thursday, Bureau of Cannabis Control finally released the long awaited list of regulations that would regulate the golden state’s upcoming marijuana industry. The 276 paged document consists major rules, ranging from regulating the THC limits to prohibiting drone deliveries of cannabis.

Lori Ajax, the chief of the BCC is quoted as referring these regulations as a huge “milestone” and further adds by saying that “there’s still a lot of work to be done. No rest for the weary.”

Recreational cannabis market will start from 2018 and with a month to go, it is indispensable for Californians to be acquainted with the current rules. Trust us; it pays to know the law. We’ve prepared a comprehensive version of the aforementioned regulations and its impact upon California’s marijuana consumers.

The rules dictate much more than refraining cannabis users to be within 600 feet of schools and daycare centers. No more pot dealing in strip clubs and no more transport of cannabis products on self driving cars, bicycles and even drones!

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