A Special Thank You To All Military Veterans From The Weed Blog!


I have the highest respect for military veterans. One of my best friends served for over six years in the Army, with a fifteen month tour in Iraq. Another friend's grandfather served in World War 2. I also have a brother in law that is currently serving overseas. I thank them as often as I can for their service to our country. I do not support war, but I will always support our veterans.

Veterans Urge the Trump Administration to Allow Marijuana Research

If you see a veteran today, make sure to thank them for their service. We are able to speak out about our government and feel safe in our homeland because of the work that military veterans do. While I don't think that America is perfect, I do think it is the best country on the planet, and that is largely because of our military veterans.

The Weed Blog has fought hard to help veterans suffering from PTSD get access to medical marijuana and use it legally. We will continue to do so. Thank you to all of our military veterans, and have a wonderful Veteran's Day!