December 30, 2013

The 2013 Weed Blog Award Winners

December 30, 2013
The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog2013 was a very big year for marijuana in all areas. The marijuana activism front saw more victories. The marijuana business industry is experiencing exponential growth, with virtually no end in sight. From marijuana entertainment to marijuana concentrates, 2013 will go down in history as one of the best years for marijuana.

2013 is the first year that we have ever named ‘Weed Blog Award Winners.’ I wish we had prizes and could host a cool event, but we are basically held together with resin, band aids, and bong hits and have zero revenue projected for January, so that will have to wait for another year! But for now, what I can hand out is respect and admiration for people that have stood out in the marijuana world this past year.

A lot of categories have multiple winners because there was just no way to narrow it down to one person or cause. And I have to give the disclaimer that I likely missed someone or something that should have been highlighted, so I may have to update it from time to time. Feel free to thrash my picks in the comments and/or list your own categories and winners. I’m a big boy, I can handle criticism. With no further delay, drum roll please….

Online marijuana activist of the year

Russ Belville from and Tom Angell from Marijuana Majority. Very talented guys that do a lot of online activism on a level that most others don’t.

Marijuana Facebook fan page of the year

Marijuana Majority and Free the Leaf. My two favorite fan pages during 2013 hands down.

Marijuana Twitter feed of the year

Marijuana Heroes. The guy that runs it is all over just about everything on the Twittisphere.

Marijuana celebrity of the year

Sanjay Gupta

Marijuana event of the year

High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver – the first ever legal Cannabis Cup in American history

Marijuana victory of the year in America

Portland, Maine bringing marijuana legalization to the East Coast,  very significant even if it’s just at a local level.

Marijuana victory of the year international

Uruguay – first country to ever legalize marijuana. Enough said.

Marijuana politician of the year

United States Representative Earl Blumenauer

State Legislature of the year

Oregon – Legalized medical marijuana dispensaries, added PTSD to the medical marijuana list of qualifying conditions, lessened penalties for possession, and eliminated automatic driving privilege suspension for marijuana. Why this didn’t make more ‘top 2013’ lists is beyond me. But then again, it’s Oregon, we never get the respect we deserve!

Marijuana reform organization of the year

Drug Policy Alliance

Marijuana Woman of the year

Maine State Representative Diane Russell

Marijuana philanthropist of the year

Peter B. Lewis. May he rest in peace. Thank you to all you did for the movement over the years. You will truly be missed!

Marijuana citizen activist of the year

Geoff Sugerman, Sam Chapman, and Anthony Taylor for their work at the Oregon Legislature this year. These three gentlemen don’t get nearly the love and admiration that they deserve for the work that they did this year at the Oregon Legislature. Four victories in one session? Absolutely outstanding work.

Reefer madness supporter of the year

Kevin Sabet – a unanimous number 1. What an idiot.

Marijuana CEO of the year

Justin Hartfield – WeedMaps. While other CEO’s are just trying to cash in on an emerging industry, Justin Hartfield actually loves marijuana and does a lot to help support multiple marijuana reform organizations. Justin Hartfield is on the Board of Directors for multiple reform organizations, put up money for a $100,000 fundraiser with Rick Steves for NORML in 2013, and WeedMaps did numerous fundraisers in 2013 for worthy causes, including a fundraiser for Colorado flood victims. No other CEO in the marijuana world dominated the business industry as hard while giving back as much as Justin Hartfield.

Marijuana product of the year

Cascade Tek BHO Vacuum Oven and Magical Butter machine. The BHO that is produced by a Cascade Tek setup is far superior to anything I’ve ever seen. The magical butter machine makes making marijuana butter as easy as touching a button, it contains the odor that comes with making marijuana butter, and it cleans itself. I see A LOT of marijuana products, and these two stood above the rest.

Marijuana book of the year

Marijuana Plant Care“ by Robert Bergman available for free! Yes, free!

Stoner of the year

Gil from WeedMaps. When I get older, I want to be Gil from WeedMaps. He gets to travel the world smoking the best marijuana flower and concentrates on the planet. No one smokes more than him anywhere, trust me.

Marijuana strain of the year

Silvertip strain from Brightside PDX. Definitely the best marijuana I smoked in 2013. Feel free to try to change my mind by giving me samples :)

Glass Blower of the year

Boro Farm

Marijuana grower of the year

Kyle Kushman

Marijuana concentrate maker of the year

Ganja Jon

Most inspirational marijuana story of the year

Brave Mykayla

Lifetime achievement award

Robert Platshorn. He served the longest prison sentence for marijuana than any other American in history. If that wasn’t enough, he now serves as an activist based out of Florida. He is hands down the best public speaker in the entire marijuana world, and why campaigns and organizations don’t support him more and have him touring the country speaking to seniors is beyond me.

Most under-appreciated person in the marijuana industry/movement

Ninjasmoker. This was a very, very easy pick. Ninjasmoker co-founded The Weed Blog with me in 2010, and he is the reason that we have had so much success throughout the years as far as audience size and reach. I’ve seen him get kicked around and abused by so many people in the industry and movement it’s unreal. He has created multiple campaign sites for successful campaigns and never got paid or got any credit for it. He has helped numerous people in the industry with their sites just to get stiffed on payment and credit. He is the best at what he does, bar none, proven by math. I’ve seen companies in the industry that have entire teams dedicated to their technological pursuits, yet don’t have half the success that Ninjasmoker is able to attain despite the fact that he’s just one person with next to no resources provided to him, and no steady income from his Weed Blog labors. Whether people in the industry want to admit it or not, Ninjasmoker’s brain is worth more than anything else in the entire industry. Kudos to you my friend. The world is literally a better place because of the way you have been able to use your talents to help out the movement.


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