1st Full Legalization Bill Committee Hearing Ever in MN Senate on 3/11

MN legalization supporters contacting 6 Republican Senators on the judiciary committee before FL hearing on Mon, 3/11/19
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CALL to ACTION to #LegalizeItMN!!!


WHAT: The Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee will be holding the first committee hearing ever in the history of the MN state legislature for a #FullLegalization bill, specifically Senate File (SF) 619.

WHEN: Monday, March 11, 2019, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

WHERE: Room 1100 of the Minnesota Senate Office Building, 95 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN

WHO: Follow this link to learn who the nine (9) members of the Senate Judiciary committee are in addition to the following phone and email list of our 6 targets:

Chair: Sen. Warren Limmer 651-296-2159 sen.warren.limmer@senate.mn

Vice-Chair: Sen. Dan Hall 651-296-5975 Email:

Sen. Bruce Anderson 651-296-5981 sen.bruce.anderson@senate.mn

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen 651-297-8063 sen.bill.ingebrigtsen@senate.mn

Sen. Mark Johnson 651-296-5782

Sen. Jerry Relph 651-296-6455 sen.jerry.relph@senate.mn

Committee Administrator Angela Cook 651-296-4842 angela.cook@senate.mn


We need at least 200 people who support #FullLegalization to call and email the 6 Republican Judiciary committee members with our script, which you’ll find below.

We also need you to submit written testimony, which is a personalized statement about why you want FL. You can contact them anonymously, but namr the city or state legislative district you live in. Written testimonies need to be received before 9:00 AM on Monday, 3/11/2019. Email your written testimony to Committee Administrator, Angela Cook at angela.cook@senate.mn. Her # is 651-296-4842.


My name is ______. I’m calling to ask for your support in ending prohibition and fully legalizing Cannabis in Minnesota in 2019 because thousands of lives are at stake. We must stop criminalizing Minnesotans over a healing plant that makes people feel better and doesn’t kill anyone. Prohibition is the problem, not Cannabis. Thousands of lives are at stake because of prohibition, not Cannabis. You don’t have to be pro-Cannabis to be opposed to its failed prohibition. Full legalization is the only solution!

Please contact me to discuss how we can make it happen, Senator ______.

My number is ______, and my email address is ___________________.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your support!


  • Leave your number and follow up with an email. These are confidential communications, so don’t worry, but if you are afraid to leave your name and contact information, let them know that is why you’re communicating with them anonymously. This actually emphasizes the oppressive nature of prohibition because people have to live in fear over being criminalized over a healing plant. WtF?!
  • If you have the opportunity to speak with them, please share your personal story to clarify why this is important enough for you to make the call or write to them.
  • Feel free to use the same sample script for calls and emails, but consider including your personal story and that of someone you know or love. Talking points are good, but stories are much more compelling!


Thank you for making the calls and emails and sending a written testimony! If you can make it, please show up at the hearing!!!

mh 763-760-2695 marcus@legalizeitmn.com