October 16, 2017

7 Unique Health and Self Care Uses for Marijuana

October 16, 2017
Marijuana can be used for a variety of different things, but there are a few you may not know about that are related to health and self care.

Marijuana is not limited to simply getting high or having a fun night with friends. Its properties, chemicals, and healing abilities have impacted products and services that contribute to our everyday lives in many ways. You would be surprised at what weed can do. Down below, you will find seven unique uses for marijuana

1. Massage

Massages are a luxurious treat, but the impact of their stress-relieving and soothing abilities on our bodies are taken to another level with the use of cannabis oil on muscles. THC infused massage therapy acts faster at reducing stress in comparison to medication, such as Valium. Therefore, the next time you need to wind down, let your masseuse know that cannabis-oil gets the green light to aide in unknotting back and neck tension.

2. Candles

Home decor has interestingly gotten love from cannabis. Aside from the soothing aromatherapy, candles crafted with hemp oil and other natural ingredients can ease headaches, calm down mood swings, and keep your emotions level.

3. Menstrual Cramps

PMS is painful and irritating to deal with on a monthly basis. However, women can breathe a sigh of relief because smoking weed or using a cannabis-infused balm on aches and cramps will be just as effective as a heating pad or pain-reliever to treat the inflammatory muscle tension.

4. Skin Care

Personal hygiene is a vital part of our everyday life, and the products we use on our skin are just as important. While the thought seems counterintuitive, skincare with marijuana does not get you high, but it proves to be effective. Hempseed oil is packed with fatty acids and Vitamin E that have the ability to tame eczema, soothe burns, and overall keep your skin nourished and hydrated. It helps keep hair voluminous and soft too!

5. Mental Health Disorders

Undoubtedly, mental health professionals have always expressed hesitation towards using marijuana to treat the symptoms of psychiatric disorders. However, a study conducted at The University of Buffalo found that the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol found in marijuana encourages the production of endocannabinoids, receptors of the brain that stabilize psychological responses.

6. A Substitution for Pain Killers

While opioids such as morphine and Oxycontin are known to alleviate intense physical pain, they are also frighteningly addictive and sometimes overprescribed by doctors. Prescribed marijuana can provide similar relief in comparison to notorious painkillers, lacks a risk for an individual to develop a severe addiction to it, and can even help recovering addicts overcome their past substance abuse.

7. Your Pet’s Pain Relief

Human beings are not limited to the wonders of marijuana use. Pets also have the opportunity to benefit from the drug to treat their own physical pain, inflammations, and even neurological disorders. Perhaps your dog gets freaked out by ambulance sirens or fireworks. Marijuana can settle their nervous system just as ours in stressful situations. However, pets should consume significantly lower doses than their owners. You don’t want to over-sedate them!

Author Bio:Rachel O’Conner is a freelance content writer who writes a variety of health, travel, fashion, and lifestyle articles for many different companies.


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