Grandmother and Medical Marijuana Patient Jailed for Small Amount of Cannabis

80 Year-Old Michigan Grandmother and Medical Marijuana Patient was jailed for a small amount of cannabis in her home.
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The great grandmother was handcuffed and hauled off to jail after an overzealous deputy found a tiny amount of medical marijuana in her rural Central Michigan home.

Why? The woman’s state-issued medical marijuana registration had expired.

Delores Saltzman, 80, who suffers from severe arthritis, ended up spending the night behind bars where the cold conditions aggravated her pain, she told WXMI-TV.

Deputy Ashley Gruno visited Saltzman’s home at around 9 p.m. on June 13 looking for her great-granddaughter, who had lost her phone and ID. The young woman wasn’t there, but the deputy noticed the smell of pot and asked Saltzman if it was hers. Saltzman said yes.

Saltzman told the deputy the cannabis was hers and that she has been a licensed medical marijuana patient for 4 years, although her recommendation had expired.

The deputy proceeded to cuff and arrest the great-grandmother.

This all happened in June, but is only now making the national news thanks to her son, Mark, who is trying to publicize his mother’s plight.

Saltzman credits cannabis with saving her life, after doctors prescribed her opioids for severe joint pain. She told the local Fox affiliate that the opioids “caused stomach pains and vomiting.” 

Medical cannabis, said Saltzman, increased her appetite, helped her recover faster after multiple surgeries and says it has been a godsend to help alleviate her debilitating arthritis pain.

Saltzman was not convicted of a crime. Charges were dropped in late July after she renewed her medical cannabis paperwork.

Saltzman says she’s now sharing her story for two reasons: to encourage others to be open participants in the state’s medical marijuana program, and to encourage everyone to vote for Michigan’s legalization initiative in November.