October 30, 2016

2nd Hemp and Health Expo Comes to Washington

October 30, 2016
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The 2nd Annual Hemp and Health Expo is a new kind of cannabis event that is taking place in Tri-Cities, WA. Presented by the area’s only recreational marijuana store, Green2Go, it will take place at the biggest venue in the area, the TRAC Center, on November 12th from 10am-7pm.

Tri-Cities is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Washington state, located in the southeastern part of the state. Organizers wanted to plan an event where they can help educate this conservative community about the diverse, safe and effective uses of this great plant and highlight other great alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.

Their goal is to ultimately empower people with information that will help break the stigma that cannabis and hemp have by demonstrating the benefits. They have called upon local businesses that promote alternative medicines and holistic health along with canna-businesses to hold seminars, forums, workshops, panels and booths. Industry experts will engage with attendees and help answer any questions they may have.

The main stage will host speakers and testimonials from those who have been positively affected by using cannabis throughout the day. These people come from all walks of life; whether it be a mom with a child with autism, a cancer patient, someone with anxiety, or a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The event will be held the day after Veteran’s Day and it hopes to highlight the struggles that veterans go through. Organizers will be working with local veterans groups to help bring awareness to the issues of PTSD and other physical ailments they endure as a result of their service to our country. In honor of the veterans, there will be a forum where veterans can tell their stories of how medical marijuana has helped them cope with these ailments related to their service and to take questions from other interested veterans and their families.

Local business owner and cannabis activist Tracy Sirrine of Patients for Patients Medical will be available to help answer some of the more difficult questions and educate veterans and their families on the topic of being a licensed medical marijuana user and at the same time having a concealed carry permit.

Another highlight of the event is the Budtender Certification Course offered by Jerry Whiting, who brings over 50 years of cannabis experience to the table. This 4-hour course will be great for budtender wannabees.

The Hemp and Health Expos hopes that to continue as an annual event that continues to grow each year with more vendors and more speakers. More than 50 vendors will be present at this year’s expo.

The event is helping break advertising boundaries for cannabis events. It was the only cannabis event that has been advertised on a major network television station in the state. Their local ABC network has again agreed to advertise this year’s event.

Admission to the event is open to adults 21 and over and costs $10. For an additional $15, you can access all the seminars. The Budtender Certification Course costs $200. Ticket-buying information can be found at hempandhealthexpo.com. The event starts at 10am on Saturday, November 12th. For event updates, seminar schedules, vendor inquires, or volunteer opportunities, please contact the Hemp and Health Expo at 509-222-9157 or visit their website.


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