Heroines of the Cannabis Industry: Flawless, Fearless & Forever

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Complimented for their beauty but overlooked for their brains. Black and brown women are sort of a mythical creature possessing magical powers beyond comprehension. Her beauty is glorified but perhaps the least important aspect about her. If I had to guess, I would say it is the abundance of love insider of her that gives her the strength to endure. And endure she has!

Proficient in home life and professional life, she juggles the daunting task of managing a home enterprise while simultaneously meeting the high paced demands of a professional career. Even as her employers and clients continuously undervalue her and exalt her male counterparts, she delivers unparalleled work products. At home she turns a little into a lot, water into wine and bad times into good ones. While modern society believes it achieves productivity in twenty-four hours, she can fit a full three days into one. From my vantage point it is a no-brainer. Women are not only at the center of the universe, they hold the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they do it FLAWLESSLY.

Women have quietly and, not so quietly, been the difference maker in many successful businesses across all industries. And cannabis is no different. Or perhaps it is different! Different because the cannabis industry offers women greater opportunities to be the captain of their own ship, and master of their own destiny. This frontier industry may very well attract more women of color professionals and executives than any other industry for this very reason.

FEARLESSLY, women are marching into the cannabis industry and leading the way, minority women included. This is good, this is really good! I was once told by my grandmother, "If you want something done hire a man, if you want something perfected hire a woman!" I cannot think of words that ring more true.

The impact women have made on just about anything and everything is FOREVERand one can only speculate what this industry will look like 10, 20 or even 40 years from now. They say bring a woman flowers and you'll make her feel special. How about a greenhouse full of flowers, because the women of cannabis are special indeed.

 As an African American male raised by a strong African American woman, educated by strong women of color, husband to a strong African American woman and the proud father of a little black girl who is understanding her strength with each passing day. For me, positive interaction with women, in particular women of color, is more of the same. Par for the course if you will. I have seen her in action up close and personal, yet, so many unsung sheroes continue to perform works of wonder in the shadows of society. She remains invisible to the outside world.

Well today I beat the drum of women everywhere and shine a light on a few who I believe you should know. Composed with complete bias, I offer my list of heroines of the cannabis industry. These women have been an inspiration to me and to so many in the industry and we are only just beginning.

  1. Tamieka Range, Esq. - Founder and Solo Practitioner Range Law Firm | Co-Founder & General Counsel ART420 LLC. The Range Law firm specializes in complex contracts/agreements and can advise you on your journey to develop and maintain a compliant medical marijuana business/operation.
  2. Rosalind McCarthy - Founder and Executive Director Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana | Founder & CEO The Genesis Group. M4MM is a nonprofit organization providing advocacy, education, training, and outreach to underserved communities. Under her leadership the organization was successful in getting 'Diversity Language' adopted into Florida's medical marijuana law and is currently working with legislatures in several states to ensure a place for minorities in the industry.
  3. Dr. Sasha Noe - Cannabis Author, Expert at Drsahsanoe.com | Osteopathic Physician at Apollo Beach Family Medical Center. Dr. Noe is the only known physician in the United States with a PhD in molecular cannabinoid research, Dr. Sasha’s award-winning published research has contributed towards the advancement of the therapeutic potential for cannabis over the last two decades.
  4. Niambe 'Tosh' McIntosh - Administrator of the Peter Tosh Estate & Cannabis Brand. The youngest daughter of reggae music legend Peter Tosh, an educator and family ambassador. Niambe is at the helm of what will be one of the most recognized life-style and celebrity brands in the cannabis industry.
  5. Marisol Galvan - Vice President of Freedom Scripts | Project Portfolio Manager at Partner Promotional Funding Partners. Mrs. Galvan is an expert in building medical practices from the bottom up, assisting medical marijuana physicians with sourcing locations, staffing, credentialing, billing, equipment and so much more.
  6. Scheril Murray-Powell, Esq. - Founder and CEO at CannaHead Hunters | Founder and CEO at Green Sustainable Strong, LLC. Scheril is a dynamic professional with the ability to help clients on a multitude of projects. Her company CannaHead Hunters prides itself as the place where talent meets opportunity, they specialize in identifying career opportunities in the emerging legal Cannabis industry and matching qualified candidates with strong companies.
  7. Kebra Smith-Bolden - CEO at CannaHealth CT and Cannabis Consultants of CT. As a Registered Nurse she focuses on providing her patients with access to quality care and information about cannabis as a treatment option. Providing services ranging from medical marijuana evaluations to certification courses.
  8. Dr. Uma Dhanabalan - Founder and CEO at Uplifting Health & Wellness. Dr. Dhanabalan currently practices at Uplifting Health and Wellness in Natick, MA and is dedicated to “Educating, Embracing, and Empowering” her patients while promoting cannabis as a treatment option. She is a recognized authority on cannabis and keynote speaker at industry conferences around the country.
  9. Dasheeda Dawson - Founder and President at MJM Strategy. MJM Strategy is the cannabis industry's first minority-led, digital focused strategy and management consulting firm. A thought-leader and awesome force, Ms. Dawson works bi-coastal and is at the forefront of many developing markets throughout the country.
  10. Laura Turner - Owner and Operator at CWR SoCal. A young entrepreneur who has found her niche in the cannabis space, CWR SoCal focuses on recycling food and cannabis waste. Through her services legal cannabis companies are able to remain compliant at the same time providing the compost to grow food for low/no income families in the community.

Contributor: Erik Range Co-Founder Art 420/ M4MM Board Chair