Utah Senator Tries Weed for the First Time: Best Quotes

The best quotes from Utah Senator Jim Dabakis consuming marijuana for the first time and reporting on the experience
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Originally reported here in High Times, Utah Senator Jim Dabakis consumes marijuana for the first time in anticipation for the state voting on medical marijuana next month. Here are the best quotes from Jim:

When asked if he's ever consumed marijuana: "Now, I have to admit somewhat shyly, I have never tasted, smoked, eaten, or shot up marijuana in my life"

When asked why he's trying marijuana now: “I thought, ‘Maybe nobody on this floor has ever tried marijuana.’ I think if the legislature would actually try it they would … realize this is no big deal, and at least let those who are suffering have the help that they need*.*”

When asked about his gummy edible: “I wouldn’t recommend it as sheer candy. It’s kind of bitter.”

When asked the next day about his experience: “I think a lot of the reefer madness crowd – you guys, you need to try it. It’s not that big a deal*."*

When asked his recommendation to the legislature: "Everybody, mellow out. Recognize this is nothing to be afraid of because the people that are terrified by it seem to be the people who have never tried it