March 16, 2017

11-Year Old Billy Caldwell Receives Permission To Bring Cannabis Oil Back to The UK to Treat Epileptic Seizures

March 16, 2017
Billy Cladwell

Charlotte Caldwell, mother of 11-year old Billy Caldwell, says they traveled to Los Angeles, California to treat Billy’s epilepsy with nurse Karen Roellich because of the long waiting lists in the UK. “It’s a life-threatening form of epilepsy that he has, we had no choice but to go there.” At times, he would suffer as many as 22 seizures a month, and during his time in America he suffered a seizure that left him in a coma.

Billy Caldwell has been taking CBD and THCa formulated by California collective, Since he began taking cannabis, Ms. Caldwell says that Billy “has been more focused, had more eye contact, more social engagement, taking more interest in his books and toys.” He is now 40 days in and seizure free! CannaKids’ very own nurse Karen Roellich provided dosing for this young man, which helped him reach the status that he’s at today.

Due to his incredible success with this medicine, the UK gave Billy Caldwell and his mother permission to bring CannaKids’ oil, which was purchased from a dispensary in Los Angeles, back into their country so that they could continue on this path of healing. CannaKids is one of the first ever medicines allowed to be taken through customs!

billy caldwell
One of the Cannabis Oil Tinctures Billy uses.

CannaKids is a California Cooperative that specializes in the creation of lab tested, and PhD scientist extracted cannabis oils. CannaKids supplies mold, pesticide and solvent free Honey Gold cannabis oil to children and adults who are suffering from cancer, autism, epilepsy, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, severe pain disorders, and so much more.

CannaKids is on a trajectory to being one of the world’s leaders for cannabinoid therapy based on scientific research, and is in collaboration with some of the top researchers, doctors, and hospitals in the world. CEO Tracy Ryan and her team at CannaKids are currently collaborating with the Technion Institute in Israel where they are legally studying the effects of cannabinoids on many cancer types. CannaKids is sharing all of their patient data that they have been meticulously collecting with Technion.

Karen Roellich, RN is a mom to 3 young children and nurse specializing in Cannabis Medicine. She has both personal and professional experience working with individuals who have special needs, including her own children. Karen Roellich began her nursing career with Mayo Clinic working in Pediatrics. To gain further nursing experience, Karen also spent time working in Adult Health, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care and Geriatrics.

TWB hopes to see more cases where cannabis is recognized as the medicine that it is!  We are so happy for Billy Caldwell and his family to have safe access to the medicine he needs and to see the amazing work that Cannakids is doing for kids on an international level!

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