February 24, 2012

Stoner Movie Review – ‘Friday’

February 24, 2012
friday smokey stoner
friday smokey stoner
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‘Friday’ Is One Of The Best Stoner Movies Of All Time

One of my favorite things to do on Fridays is roll up some joints of the finest marijuana I can find and watch the stoner movie Friday (1995). If you smoke marijuana and you haven’t seen the stoner movie Friday, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible. You will realize that you have been missing out! The entire movie is built on the plot of a marijuana debt. Smokey (played by always hilarious Chris Tucker) owes Big Worm (Faizon Love) for some marijuana that he took on front. When he doesn’t have all of the money, all kinds of crazy scenarios happen.

The main actors and actresses in the stoner movie Friday are Ice Cube (Craig), Chris Tucker (Smokey), Nia Long (Debbie), ‘Tiny’ Lister (Deebo), John Witherspoon (Mr. Jones), Anna Maria Horsford (Mrs. Jones), and Regina King (Dana Jones). Friday takes place in Los Angeles and tells the story of events that occurred on a random Friday, from the perspective of Craig. Craig’s best friend is a pothead named Smokey, who as I mentioned, owes money to a local marijuana dealer. There are all kinds of characters in their neighborhood, some stuck up, some shady, and some noble.

One of my favorite parts of Friday is the opening scene where Craig is preparing his breakfast. Craig grabs a huge bowl, unloads the entire box of cereal into the bowl, just to find out that the milk carton in the fridge is empty. Cereal has to be one of the best foods for stoners on the planet because it’s easy to make and nutritious. However, it often leads to the common experience for most stoners where they realize their laziness has come back to haunt them in the form of a ‘one drink left in the carton’ scenario. This scene in the movie Friday captures that experience very well.

One thing that I have always noticed about the stoner movie Friday is that only joints are smoked in the film. Being that the movie is filmed in the mid-90’s in Los Angeles, I would have thought blunts would have been more prevalent. Unlike the stoner movie Half Baked, where there were pipes, joints, bongs, etc, the stoner movie Friday just sticks to the old school. As a fan of marijuana joints, I do not have a problem with this :)

Whenever I watch stoner movies, I always critique the movie from the perspective of ‘how realistic is this?’ The first interaction between Smokey and Big Worm seems a bit far fetched to me. Smokey owed Big Worm for marijuana, not crack. Yet Big Worm is flashing a gun and trying to intimidate Smokey. I’ve never seen that happen before but I suppose there are crazy people out there. Either way it reflects the common scenario of outstanding marijuana debt collection, which was entertaining.

Does it seem weird to anyone else that Ice Cube seemed rookie in this movie when it came to marijuana? I know he’s acting, but he wrote the movie, and if he really was down with the 420 like he always claimed previously that he was, why didn’t he make his character more of a marijuana veteran? Regardless of the reason, the final product was pretty funny, and led to one of the most famous stoner quotes of all time, “It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do…Imma get you high today.’ – Smokey to Craig

The stoner movie Friday is one of the best stoner movies of all time for several reasons. From the character Smokey, to quotes that still are used to this day, to the fact that Smokey’s bedroom looked exactly like mine did growing up, and on and on. With that being said, it’s time for me to fire up these joints, and hit play on the dvd player….


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