April 30, 2011

A Life Sentence for Making Hash

April 30, 2011
cannabis hash

cannabis hashMake Hash In Oklahoma And Get Life In Prison

Another item from my inbox. This seriously is the worst political idea I have ever heard:Life Sentence in Oklahoma for Making Hash?

The Oklahoma Legislature just passed a bill that would make manufacturing hash a felony punishable by up to life in prison! You read that right — life in prison for a substance that has never caused an overdose death.

Ask Governor Fallin to veto this ridiculous bill!

This is costly — if five people are convicted under this new provision and spend just 10 years in prison, the result is a bill of over $1 million to taxpayers. It’s also just plain stupid. Here are some other crimes and their maximum punishments under Oklahoma law:

* Domestic abuse — 1 year

* Drinking and driving with a child in the car — 4 years

* Aggravated assault resulting in “great physical injury” — 5 years

* Assault with intent to kill — 5 years

* Kidnapping a child — 5 years

* Second degree rape — 15 years

* Sexual battery of a child — 20 years

Apparently, the Oklahoma Legislature thinks that making hash, a concentrated form of marijuana, is deserving of more punishment than all of these crimes that involve actual victims who have suffered actual harm.

Please talk some sense into Governor Fallin and ask her to veto HB 1798.


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