April 8, 2010

Alabama House Committee Approves Medical Marijuana

April 8, 2010

The Alabama House Judiciary Committee approved a medical marijuana bill (HB 642) yesterday and sent it to the House for a full vote. Although a vote is unlikely this session (there are only 5 days left), it is still a very significant step in bringing medical marijuana to Alabama. “I know this is not an easy bill to come forth and vote for,” said Patricia Todd, the Alabama House Democrat that introduced the bill. “My intent is to help people who are hurting.” NEWS FLASH — There is a politician out there that wants to legalize medical marijuana TO HELP PEOPLE; not just to tax it!

The bill is called the ‘Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act,’ after a deceased Alabama man who had frequent seizures due to a brain tumor. Michael Phillips’ mother said marijuana was the only thing that helped. “I could see the difference in him when he smoked and when he didn’t,” Phillips said. HB 642 would permit a dispensary system as well as the right for the patient to grow for themselves. Approvable conditions would include cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Considering the fact that only the sickest patients would be allowed to use medical marijuana, EVERY politician should be on board, right? However, as expected, some members from the right side of the aisle are lining up in opposition. Representative Yusuf Salaam (D-Selma) worries that the bill would be a cover for recreational marijuana use, as well as marijuana legalization. Representative Spencer Collier (R-Mobile) worries about how the bill would affect law enforcement. I’m not sure why he is so worried, since he added an amendment to the bill that gives law enforcement the power to presume that marijuana is being used illegally until it is proven otherwise. After putting in the most unconstitutional amendment in the history of medical marijuana, Collier said “I don’t know if I can support this bill — probably ever.” Well I sure am glad that he won’t vote for the bill, yet will include toxic amendments….what a dick!

Here is a link to contact Alabama House Representative Spencer Collier contact Alabama House Representative Spencer Collier. You will see from his bio that he is a former member of law enforcement, which would explain a lot! I urge EVERY reader, even those that aren’t citizens of Alabama, to at the very least send an e-mail to Rep. Collier telling him why he is ignorant on this issue. Even better, write a letter! I was always taught in my upper division poly sci courses that for every written letter a politician receives, they assume that the letter represents THOUSANDS of constituents. Whether you write an e-mail, or write a letter, just promise me this; YOU WON’T DO NOTHING, BECAUSE NO ACTION IS THE WORSE THING YOU CAN DO!

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