December 11, 2012

Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition’s “Storming the Statehouse” (Round Two)

December 11, 2012
ammjc - it's about time!
ammjc - it's about time!
It’s about time!

Last Thursday and today, Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition fired its second shot in their Storming the Statehouse Campaign.

This time it was ads in the Montgomery Advertiser in the Prattville Progress that were designed to pressure House Speaker Mike Hubbard. According to Chairman Jim McClendon, pressure from the Speaker was the reason that he did not give HB 2, the Alabama Medical Marijuana Patients’ Rights Act, a vote in the house health committee last session.

Whether Jim McClendon was trying to shift the blame, or if it is the Speaker is holding the legislation, it is not clear. However, one thing is certain, Speaker Mike Hubbard has been quoted as saying, “That he just did not think the bill was right for Alabama.”

Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition and the patients of Alabama would like to know why one man is allowed to make that decision. In an effort to gain public support in asking this question, The following ad ran in the Montgomery Advertiser 12/6/12 & 12/11/12 and in the Prattville Progress 12/8/12 – It will also receive 4o,ooo impressions on the Montgomery during that time.

Ironically, Storming the Statehouse, the name of AMMJC’s advertising campaign, is also the name of Speaker Hubbard’s book. It is amazing how these coincidences seem to take place.

The people of Alabama are determined to have their voice heard on this issue. Most Alabamians are not willing to hold on to the prejudices of the past in order to prevent the patients of Alabama from having safe access to medical marijuana.

This is starting to weigh heavily on the brow of the Alabama House leadership, and indications are that the pressure placed on the leadership since the end of the last legislative session may be pushing them into a position, where they have no choice, but to let this legislation advance.

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