November 4, 2015

Alaska: Social Consumption Of Marijuana Is An Essential Protection

November 4, 2015
alaska marijuana legalization

alaska marijuana legalizationI received the following alert from the Alaska campaign (they are still working hard long after the 2014 Election!):

The Marijuana Control Board’s staff and attorneys claim that the board is unable to license and regulate retail shops that would allow on-site consumption. This position overlooks important protections contained in the voter-enacted marijuana initiative, Measure 2. The board should amend its proposed rule, and we are asking for your help.

Please contact the board and ask that it respect the protections reserved for private property owners who choose to regulate marijuana use on their property.

Adults are allowed to consume alcohol socially in numerous locations, from bars and restaurants to weddings and office parties. Those who choose to consume marijuana should not be treated differently. By allowing adults to consume marijuana legally inside regulated businesses, we can reduce the likelihood that they consume illegally outside on the street, in vehicles, on sidewalks, and in parks. This is especially the case when it comes to adults visiting Alaska who don’t have other legal options. It is reasonable for adults to have a place to go, and it is within the board’s authority to establish and regulate those places.

Please take a moment and ask the board to recognize these important protections, which will benefit both adult consumers and the communities in which they live. Then, please pass this message to friends, family, and supporters in Alaska!


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