Announcing The Launch Of, 24/7 Cannabis Community Radio

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We are excited to announce a huge new change at The Russ Belville Show.  We are now the flagship show for the new network.  We would appreciate it if you told everyone you know to tune in.

If you've followed the show, you know that we began as the NORML Daily Audio Stash podcast.  That evolved to NORML SHOW LIVE when we took the recorded podcast and made it a live stream.  Then we developed The NORML Network to provide a platform for other activists to share their podcasts and video shows.

Then in May 2012, we became independent and began a short-lived network called POTNet.  One week later, a new sponsor was willing to underwrite the network and we became National Cannabis Radio.  But by autumn, that sponsor dropped out from the project.  Since then, we've just been hosting our show here at

Our long journey in the wilderness is over.  We are anchoring the new live streaming podcast network and it is magnitudes better than any previous network we've been a part of.

At, every show we produce here at RoLLaJaY Studios now has its own show page and blog.  You can follow certain shows and get their latest updates by email.  There are now User Forums for sharing your thoughts with the community.  There is a Store for buying the gear for the shows.  Audio podcasts are automatically uploaded to iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Podcast Alley.  Best of all, we're bringing back many of the popular shows we used to replay, like FREE WEED from Danny Danko and The Jodie Emery Show.

This summer, we will open up's platform to the cannabis community, so aspiring bloggers, podcasters, and live streamers have a easy-to-use, pre-built system that is affordable and effective at getting their content to a dedicated audience of activists.  Our infrastructure is hosted and promoted by the search engine optimization geniuses at The Weed Blog, who have managed to get their marijuana content in the top ten search results for Google in just two years. will also provide live streaming coverage of some of the best events in the cannabis community, including HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cups, various Hempfests across the country, and protest rallies.  Guests from all of the major drug law reform orgs will join us to give us the latest updates on marijuana reform.  Our music shows will take you backstage, on the tour bus, and into the audience for the best in live music with a 420 feel.  Our live call-in shows provide the opportunity for real dialogue with stakeholders in marijuana legalization.

What these changes mean for current fans of The Russ Belville Show:

  • Your VIP Membership for is now a VIP Membership for  You should have received an email with your new account information.  If not, email us at and we'll get it worked out.
  • If you were a Monthly VIP Member, the current PayPal recurring deduction has been canceled.  Your membership will expire this month, according to your signup day, and then you'll have to re-enroll in the new monthly subscription system.
  • If you were an Annual VIP Member,  the current PayPal recurring deduction has been canceled.  Your membership will expire at the end of your one-year period, and then you'll have to re-enroll in the new monthly subscription system.  There is no more annual subscription.
  • If you subscribed to the podcast feed through iTunes, it should update to the new feed.  If you haven't seen any new shows after a week, manually subscribe to
  • If you liked downloading the episodes or watching the videos here, you'll have to get them now at  This blog will return to being just a blog of my rants and some news coverage.

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