June 4, 2015

Announcing The Show-Me Cannabis Advisory Board

June 4, 2015
missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meeting

missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingBy John Payne

In preparing for the official launch of our 2016 campaign, we have assembled a coalition of allied individuals and organizations to help support our efforts. Some of those allies have now come together to form our new advisory board.

The advisory board will expand our movement’s credibility and open doors to new constituencies. And, as the name implies, they will also advise us on strategy and tactics as we move forward.

To succeed with such a large undertaking as an initiative campaign, we must have a robust network of allies to stand with us, and our advisory board will provide us their experience and expertise as we reform Missouri’s cannabis laws together.

Click here to see all advisory board members and their biographies.

When this organization was initially founded, most Missourians, especially those in the political fray, were still afraid to openly support this cause. That has changed, and the process will accelerate as respected leaders such as these step forward to say that the time has come for reform!

And while we are discussing upgrades to our organizational capacity, I urge you to go to our website and check out the overhaul that we implemented last month. The site is now fully mobile accessible and far more visually appealing and intuitive to navigate.

Finally, we have just released our annual report for 2014. This booklet details all the progress we made last year and how quickly the organization grew. It also shows our revenues and expenses for the year, so if you are interested in seeing all the inputs and outputs necessary to make this movement move — and they are both substantial — you should check out the report here (PDF).

All these improvements will make our 2016 campaign far easier. I hope you will help us continue building the apparatus that will lead us to victory on November 8, 2016, by making a contribution of $15, $25, or $50 now!

Source: Show-Me Cannabis


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