September 5, 2014

Another City In Maine Puts Marijuana Legalization On The Ballot

September 5, 2014
portland maine marijuana legalization

portland maine marijuana legalizationThe 2014 Election is shaping up to be bigger than many marijuana supporters expected. Oregon, Alaska, Washington D.C., and numerous cities in Michigan and Maine are voting on marijuana legalization, along with Florida voting on medical marijuana. Maine just added another city to the list. The City of Lewiston has officially approved a marijuana legalization measure for the November ballot. Per Fire Dog Lake:

The voters of Lewiston, Maine will have a chance to express their opinion about marijuana legalization this November. According to the Portland Press Herald, the Lewiston City Council voted unanimously to put the marijuana legalization initiative on the general election ballot. Lewiston is the second largest city in the state.

The initiative is the work of Citizens for a Safer Maine which has been collecting signatures to local legalization initiative on the ballot in several cities through the state. They got a similar initiative on the ballot in Portland last year, which was approved overwhelmingly, and already have one on the ballot in South Portland this year.

This is a tactic that I wish more states did. If you can’t achieve a statewide marijuana legalization effort, going city by city is a great backup plan. Each local victory increases the momentum for a statewide victory. One city at a time, one state at a time, until the momentum is so great that marijuana prohibition is eliminated nationwide.


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