February 21, 2016

Arizona Chamber Of Commerce To Host Anti-Marijuana Legalization Workshop

February 21, 2016
arizona marijuana

arizona marijuanaArizona is one of a handful of states that will be voting on marijuana legalization in November. There are still some signatures that need to be verified, but the campaign should have more than enough by the deadline. Opponents have been ramping up efforts in Arizona, with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce announcing that it will be putting on an invite-only workshop next month. The intent of the workshop is to arm anti-marijuana supporters with talking points and ‘education’ in anticipation of the November legalization vote. Per the Phoenix New Times:

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce is offering an anti-cannabis workshop next month with prohibitionist county attorneys Bill Montgomery and Sheila Polk to help “sound the alarm” on a proposed legalization initiative.

The Chamber will offer the March 2 invite-only workshop to corporate legal advisers, human resources professionals, risk managers, and compliance officers.

Made up of representatives from the cream of Arizona’s business community, the high-powered group came out against the planned initiative in June and donated $10,000 to an opposing group in December.

I don’t understand why any business organization would oppose legalization. The marijuana industry can operate in virtually any part of any state, bringing jobs and opportunities where they are desperately needed. Marijuana business owners are good people, and should be welcomed by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, not opposed.


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