July 12, 2011

Arizona Commissioner Pushes Drug Tests And Illegal Searches On Co-workers After Marijuana Found On Site

July 12, 2011
arizona marijuana

arizona marijuanaThe chairman of the Arizona Corporation Commission on Tuesday asked fellow commissioners to submit to drug tests because a small amount of marijuana was found in the utility regulating panel’s offices.

Chairman Gary Pierce made the request during a staff meeting Tuesday. The Republican said he’ll be tested and wants commissioners’ offices swept by a drug-sniffing dog. He also asked his colleagues to be tested.

“I feel the need to prove to the best of my ability that my decisions at the commission are not made under the influence of marijuana, and that I am not responsible for its presence … ,” Pierce said.

A commission staffer found a small amount of a leafy substance in a bathroom located in a secured part of the building on July 7. Police verified it was marijuana.

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