April 22, 2011

Arizona Inventor’s Vending Machine Dispenses Medical-Marijuana Products

April 22, 2011
420 vending

by Cathryn Creno

Ahwatukee Foothills entrepreneur Dave Levine wants to take the inconvenience out of medical-marijuana use.

He dislikes the idea of debilitated cancer patients running out of rolling papers or fumbling for a light. And he figures medical-marijuana dispensaries might not want to stock “smoke shop” products like lighters or pipes.

So, he invented the Cannabis Container Vending Machine and a heavy plastic container called the “Cann Can” – short for “cannabis can.”

Levine, a University of Arizona economics graduate and former vending-machine company owner, came up with the idea for the invention three months ago as rules for Arizona’s fledgling medical-marijuana industry began to solidify.

“I wanted to create something inexpensive that would take care of all of a dispensary’s accessory needs,” he said.

His machine sells for slightly less than $2,700 and includes several sets of plastic cans. Levine will fill the cans with smoking supplies himself at an extra cost, or dispensaries can buy them empty and customize them. He also envisions customizing cans with dispensaries’ logos and other features once his business is up and running.

Dispensary owners that don’t want to buy vending machines can sign a contract that allows Levine to put his machine in their stores in exchange for a 15 percent commission.

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