November 14, 2014

Arkansas Governor Needs To Pardon ALL Marijuana Convictions, Not Just Son’s

November 14, 2014
mike beebe arkansas governor marijuana
mike beebe arkansas governor marijuana
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They always say that it’s all in who you know. That seems to be the case in Arkansas, where the outgoing Governor is going to pardon his son who was convicted in 2003 for possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute. At the time of his son’s arrest, Governor Mike Beebe stated, per the Washington Post:

“Obviously, his mother and I are heartbroken like any parent would be,” he told the paper then, later adding that his son “needs to be treated like everybody else – no better, no worse.”

Governor Beebe plans on pardoning his son, but not others. Why you ask? Again, per the Washington Post:

“If they straightened up to get their life back on track and have a second chance, so this is no different,” Gov. Beebe told KATV of his son’s pardon. “It’s different because it’s my son.”

How does that logic not apply to EVERY person convicted of a marijuana offense in Arkansas that fits the same description? Is the Governor’s son the only  person that has ‘straightened up?’ Because I know people that have been convicted of marijuana offenses in Arkansas, and they are by all accounts great people, yet they still get to walk around with the ‘marijuana scarlet letter,’ unlike Mr. Beebe’s son. The only thing wrong with marijuana is getting caught with it, which is something that every marijuana consumer in Arkansas has to worry about. That is, unless you’re the son of the Governor.


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