May 19, 2013

Attend The Texas Regional NORML Conference Next Month

May 19, 2013
texas norml region conference marijuana cannabis

texas norml region conference marijuana cannabisIf you are in Texas, check out the event below. Even if you are not in Texas, you should still consider attending this event, because it is going to be outstanding:

It’s high time Texas grabbed prohibition by the horns!

DFW NORML proudly presents the Texas Regional NORML Conference at the Norris Conference Center in downtown Fort Worth from June 7 – 9. 

This historic event includes over a dozen speakers such as Keith Stroup, founder of NORML, expert cultivation and concentrate tips, medicinal alternatives to smoking, an exclusive screening of the new documentary American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny, patient testimonials, a hemp fashion show, reception and live art show, two after parties, vendors, prizes and more than a few surprises.

The primary goals for the Texas Regional NORML Conference are:

1.) Give Texans an honest, entertaining and interactive cannabis education.

2.) Showcase the strength of the Texas effort to end prohibition.

3.) Call all Texans to action because now is the time to get involved!

Register at:

Contact with Media and Sponsorship inquiries.

* * *


– Keith Stroup, Founder & Legal Counsel at NORML

– “Radical” Russ Belville of

– Mike Hyde – Founder of the Cash Hyde Foundation and father of Cash Hyde

– Cheyanne Weldon, Executive Director of Texas NORML

– Shaun McAlister, Executive Director of DFW NORML

– Erik Altieri, Communications Director & Chapter Coordinator for NORML

– Jamie Balagia – Public Information Officer and Attorney at San Antonio NORML

– Joy Strickland – Founder of Mothers Against Teen Violence

– Clif Deuvall – Co-chair of Texas at US Marijuana Party of Texas, Chairman at Texas Cannabis Party and Founder Norml of Waco Inc. at NORML

– Leslie Burgoyne, DFW NORML Family Law Attorney

– Reverend Russell Elleven – Unitarian Universalist Minister

– Dr. Alan Bean – Executive Director of Friends of Justice and former minister

– Derek Cross – Author at Hemp Healthy Today

– Allen Patterson – Chairman of the Tarrant County Libertarian Party

– Larry Talley – Strategist for DFW NORML, speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and retired US Navy

– Terry Nelson – Executive Board Member at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), former Border Patrol agent and Homeland Security Supervisor

* * *


– Texas NORML
– Waco NORML
– San Antonio NORML
– Houston NORML
– Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
– Cash Hyde Foundation
– Tarrant County Libertarian Party
– Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care
– Mothers Against Teen Violence
– Tinctura
– Habit’s Smoke Shop
– Hempy’s Emporium
– Filters Smoke Shop
– Minawear Hemp Clothing
– Cash Hyde Foundation
– Cannabis Energy Drink
– Smoke Room Photography
– Mary Jane Smokewear
– Odela Threadz
– Modified Models
– Skunk Magazine
– Hail Mary Jane
– The 420 Times
– Deep Ellum On Air
– Pottles
– Hemp Healthy Today
– Magical Butter
– Big Bubble Hemp Oil Soap
– Wrap TX
– The American Open Currency Standard
– Homegrown Outfitters
– Hostile Pipes
– Froggy’s Boat House
– Red Goose Saloon
– Whiskey Girl Saloon
– Matthew Warlick @
– PffaffenShop Illustration & Design
– Cannapete Ventures

– – –

3-Day Pass – $100
Includes: Three Day Registration, Reception, Swag Bag and entry to both after parties.

2 Day Pass – $60
1 Day Pass – $40

– – –

Discounted pricing available for NORML chapters sending 3 or more members. Select “NORML Chapter” ticket option. This includes DFW NORML members!

NORML CHAPTER – 3 Day Pass – $75 per person
NORML CHAPTER – 2 Day Pass – $50 per person
NORML CHAPTER – 1 Day Pass – $25 per person

– – –

Students, Seniors & Veterans – 3 Day Pass – $50

* For Full Time Undergraduate Students, Seniors 65+ and retired/active duty military personnel. *

Includes: Three Day Registration, Reception, Swag Bag and entry to both after parties.

– – –

Sponsors – $250
Includes: Table during all days of the conference, banners hanging during after-parties and links/mention on the website event page and Facebook event page.

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