January 6, 2016

AUMA (California Marijuana Legalization Initiative) Receives Official Title, Summary, Approval For Circulation

January 6, 2016
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california marijuanaProponents of the leading statewide ballot measure to control, regulate and tax adult use of marijuana while protecting children announced today that they have received an official title and summary for their proposed November measure, have been cleared for circulation and intend to “hit the ground running” to qualify their measure and give Californians the long-awaited opportunity to have their voices be heard on this critical issue.

Read the official title and summary at: https://oag.ca.gov/system/files/initiatives/pdfs/Title%20and%20Summary%20%2815-0103%29.pdf?

They also announced the formation of an official political committee in support of the measure: “Californians to Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana while Protecting Children.”  The growing coalition in support of this measure includes business, physicians, farmers, environmental leaders and social-justice advocacy organizations.

The new Committee announced $1.25 million in initial contributions, including from Co-Chairs and respected advocacy organizations such as Drug Policy Action, Marijuana Policy Project of California, New Approach PAC and Californians for Sensible Reform.

Joint Statement of Co-Proponents

  • Dr. Donald O. Lyman, MD, former Chief of the Division of Chronic Disease & Injury Control at the CA Department of Public Health and
  • Michael Sutton, former President of the California Fish and Game Commission and former Vice President of National Audubon Society:

“Our broad and growing coalition is excited to be cleared for circulation, to launch our campaign and to hit the ground running by taking our message directly to the voters of California, who have repeatedly called for a legal and controlled system of responsible adult marijuana use that also protects children, public safety, local control and the environment.  We believe this measure represents a better, safer, smarter, healthier and more transparent way to regulate marijuana in California.”

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a consensus measure based on recognized best practices and recommendations from hundreds of engaged citizens and organizations representing local government, health and policy experts, environmental leaders, small farmers and business owners, worker representatives and social justice advocates.

It includes strong safeguards for children, workers, local governments and small businesses and strict anti-monopoly provisions and the toughest warning label and marketing-to-kids laws in the nation.

It also closely adheres to the Lieutenant Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy and the new medical marijuana laws recently passed by a bipartisan majority of the Legislature and signed by Governor Brown (SB 643, AB 266 and AB 243).

Source: Campaign press release


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