October 1, 2012

Barney Frank Gives Some Parting Words Of Wisdom On Marijuana Legalization

October 1, 2012
Barney Frank

Barney Frankby Philly Blunt

“Particularly marijuana, I think is a great hypocrisy. I think frankly it contributes to a good deal of the sense of unfairness you have among younger people who are told they shouldn’t do this because it’s got all these negative effects, but then older people are engaging in all kinds of things that probably have a greater impact on people.”

-Barney Frank

As Barney Frank has grown battle weary and tired of going to war with the ignorant right and facing a much changed political landscape, Massachusetts representative Barney Frank will be stepping down and will not seek reelection in 2012. As Ron Paul and Barney Frank have so eloquently demonstrated, one of the best parts of being a United States citizen, is having the right to dissent from the majority opinion… and that’s exactly what Barney Frank has done time and time again.

As this pro-pot representative gets ready to call it a day — and kick up his feet, (and no doubt fire up a fat joint) we are left wondering who will take this gentle giants place. Frank, 71 and among one of the only openly gay members of Congress is well-known for his sharp tongue, witty intellect and a firm grasp of knowledge on the topic at hand on any given day.

In one last attempt at getting Obama to stop his insane war of hypocrisy against the marijuana community, the soon-to-be retired representative threw down the gauntlet of criticism on the Obama administration. Condemning the Obama administrations recent boot stomping through the medical marijuana states… Crushing state-compliant medical marijuana collectives and disregarding the states 10th amendment rights.

“I think it’s bad politics and bad policy,” he was quick to point out during an interview with “The Hill”  last Friday. “I’m very disappointed. I think it’s a grave mistake.”

Rep. Frank along with Ron Paul were the first to introduce a medical marijuana patient protection act – this act would have prohibited federal actions in states which have voter approved medical marijuana programs. Of course with Ron Paul and Barney Frank being fringe politicians, this proposal barely made it off the ground before it was hunted down and killed, like a rabid dog.

“This bill would prohibit federal interference in state-run medical marijuana programs. It would also move marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule II drug, recognizing marijuana’s medical value and making it possible for the FDA to begin setting up a regulatory framework for its use.” Source

Well Boys and Girls … those days are done, stick a fork in it. Cause Barney Frank is packing up his toys and heading home. As an outgoing message to the American public, and it’s pot smoking majority. Barney Frank gave a quick summation to Eric Burdette on CNN as to just why he supports marijuana law reform.

This post originally appeared on Marijuana.com and was republished with special permission.


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