November 30, 2013

Big Marijuana’s Target Is Older Americans, Not Teens

November 30, 2013
Seniors Are Turning to Cannabis for Their Health

grandma marijuana senior seniors cannabis grandpaMarijuana reform opponents love to tell people that if/when marijuana becomes legal nationwide, teen marijuana use will explode. ‘The children, what about the children!?’ The worry that teenagers will consume more marijuana after it becomes legal is easily debunked. Currently teenagers can get marijuana very easily because the market is unregulated.

Drug dealers don’t have an age limit, and they never check ID. Compare that to a properly regulated marijuana market where distributors are required to check every customer’s age. You hear teenagers talk about how marijuana is easier to obtain than alcohol because with alcohol you have to know an adult that will buy it for you, compared to marijuana, which only requires asking the right friend who has it. I know it was that way for me when I was growing up.

A new research paper was recently released which found a demographic shift of near-daily cannabis consumers to the over-50 crowd and away from the 12-21 crowd. This would suggest that when marijuana becomes legal nationwide, there will be a huge increase in consumption in the middle-age demographic, not the teenager demographic. I think as this information becomes widely known, it will increase support for reform among older Americans, which will be very significant!

Below is a video from TWB contributor Radical Russ Belville talking more about the topic:


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