January 3, 2015

Billboard To Support Marijuana Decriminalization In Virginia

January 3, 2015
virginia norml

There’s a marijuana decriminalization bill being considered in Virginia. The fine people at Virginia NORML put together a crowd funding campaign, which met it’s goal, and a billboard will go up in support of the bill. The Go Fund Me page is still up, and I encourage everyone to donate to it if they are able so that more billboards can go up. How awesome would it be to see billboards up all over Virginia in support of marijuana reform?!

The Virginia Senate has its first-ever marijuana decrim bill–SB686– but it faces  a tough fight. For $825 Virginia NORML can put up an 11′ by 23′ billboard– on a large street near the capitol with  a big pot leaf and a short decrim message– for four weeks just as the 2015 legislature session opens. We think it will cause quite a buzz!

But our successful state conference in November depleted our funds so we are asking people from around the US for help–even $5 or $10–to show how widespread the support for marijuana reform is.

Click here to contribute.

viginia decriminalization marijuana billboard


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