Boone County Bar Association Studies Endorsing Marijuana Legalization


By Dan Viets

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The Boone County Bar Association based in Columbia has formed a committee to study the question of whether the Bar Association should endorse the Show-Me Cannabis initiative to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol in our state. The committee was formed subsequent to a motion made by attorney Steve Faber at the January meeting of the Boone County Bar. After several enthusiastic seconds were made in support of that motion, Steve suggested that the matter be tabled and that a committee be formed to make a recommendation regarding further action.

Subsequently, this year's Boone County Bar President, Jennifer Bukowsky, did indeed appoint a committee on this matter at the Bar Association meeting on Wednesday, February 11. Steve and I will be serving along with a few other Boone County lawyers and making a recommendation to the Bar Association in the near future.

Assuming that the Boone County Bar does endorse the SMC initiative, it is hoped that other Bar Associations around the state will do likewise. Bar Associations have been key players in the advancement of marijuana law reform in several other states, including Washington, where the King County Bar Association in Seattle was instrumental in promoting the passage of a medical marijuana initiative in that state and, subsequently, passage of a statewide law taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol.

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