February 24, 2016

California Council Of Land Trusts Endorses Adult Use Of Marijuana Act (AUMA)

February 24, 2016
california council of land trusts

california council of land trustsI received the following press release from the AUMA campaign:

The California Council of Land Trusts, a highly respected conservation and environmental stewardship organization representing more than 150 land trusts protecting 2.5 million acres of land and water resources across the state, announced it has formally endorsed the ballot measure known as the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA).

Members of the California Council of Land Trusts (CCLT) work with local communities, land owners and agencies to conserve natural areas, parks, and farmlands. These protected lands enhance the local economy, provide great educational opportunities and improve public health.

“We are pleased to endorse a comprehensive, consensus measure on marijuana that will significantly strengthen environmental protections and finally begin to address the impacts California’s existing billion-dollar marijuana industry is having on our wildlife habitat, fisheries, working lands, and water supply and quality,” said Darla Guenzler, Executive Director of CCLT. “This measure represents a huge victory for California’s environmental movement.”

According to an analysis from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, the ballot measure could raise state and local revenue of more than $1 billion annually. Under the measure, 20% of these revenues will be disbursed to the Environmental Restoration and Protection Account, which will be used for environmental cleanup, remediated and restoration of public lands damaged by cultivation, as well as environmental enforcement against illegal water diversion, illegal cultivation, distribution and use of marijuana on public lands. This represents a strong, targeted investment so that public lands that had been taken over and abused by drug cartels will be restored and become safe and accessible for all Californians.

The landmark land and water protections in the measure have received specific praise from leading environmental and conservation organizations across the state. California Council of Land Trusts joins Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project, California Cannabis Industry Association, California Medical Association and California NAACP, and national NORML, among others, in support of AUMA.

The official proponents of the measure are:

 Dr. Donald O. Lyman, MD, award-winning physician, member of the California Medical Association and former Chief of the Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Control at the California Department of Public Health and

 Michael Sutton, longtime conservationist and environmental attorney, former President of the California Fish and Game Commission and former Vice President of National Audubon Society

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a consensus measure based on recognized best practices and recommendations from engaged citizens and organizations representing local government, health and policy experts, environmental leaders, small farmers and business owners, worker representatives and social justice advocates.

It includes safeguards for children, workers, local governments and small businesses and strict anti-monopoly provisions and the toughest warning label and marketing-to-kids laws in the nation.

It provides hundreds of millions of dollars in annual funding — the highest level ever by any state in America — for youth drug prevention, education and treatment programs. It also provides significant investment into local law enforcement and environmental and water protection programs. It also closely adheres to the Lieutenant Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy and the new medical marijuana laws recently passed by a bipartisan majority of the Legislature and signed by Governor Brown (SB 643, AB 266 and AB 243).


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