January 11, 2012

California’s ‘Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act’ Offers New Ways To Fight Federal Discrimination

January 11, 2012
Regulate marijuana

Regulate marijuanaAn urgent message for all dispensaries regarding hostile audits by the IRS

Bill McPike, Chief Counsel for Regulate Marijuana Like Wine(RMLW), deliberately included language in RMLW to protect dispensaries from IRS attacks. Bill has won over 150 medical marijuana cases and was Jack Herer’s personal attorney. McPike pioneered new defenses for patients and is Bar Certified to teach other attorneys how to defend medical marijuana cases. Bill was also featured in a cover story in the National Law Review. When McPike crafted the tactical aspects of RMLW, he carefully inserted language that provides ample tools for driving the IRS away.

As you know, the IRS audits are based upon the argument that cannabis is a controlled substance. Remove cannabis from the schedule and the IRS can no longer claim that dispensaries are selling a controlled substance. RMLW enacts five key measures that give real teeth to opposing the IRS:

1. Removes cannabis from the California schedule of controlled substances and treats it like wine. Thus, you can argue in federal court that since cannabis is no longer a controlled substance in your home state, the court must conclude that there is reasonable doubt regarding the accuracy of the listing cannabis on the federal schedule.

2. Orders the state to notify the Feds that the People of California want cannabis removed from the Federal schedule. Under the Constitution, the People of California have supremacy over a federal agency, on issues of health and safety, even if it is the DEA.

3. The State of California is ordered by our initiative to defend all attacks on RMLW at the local, state and federal level. That means that defense attorneys will have an unlimited legal budget to fight for your rights, while they sit safely on the sidelines, providing the courts with amacus briefs, to ensure you win.

4. RMLW forbids anyone working for the State of California from accepting any funds or cooperating in any way with federal authorities, when someone or their business is in compliance with RMLW.

5. RMLW recognizes new civil rights to possess, use, cultivate and sell cannabis, instead of mere defenses in court. Although the IRS may claim they can ignore state laws, they CANNOT ignore newly recognized civil rights, because that is an issue that still has serious traction in federal courts.

The day RMLW passes, dispensaries will be armed with new laws and new allies to turn the tide and overcome this unjust and illegal attack by the Feds. Clearly, it is in your best interests to support RMLW now, while we still have time to qualify this initiative and create a future of cannabis freedom and prosperity.

VIP Endorsements:
Gov. Gary Johnson
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Kenny Loggins
Judge James P. Gray (ret.)
LAPD Deputy Chief S. Downing (ret.)
Assemblymember Chris Norby
Lt. Diane Goldstein (ret.)
Ed Rosenthal
NORML Founder Keith Stroup
Thomas Chong
Rick Steves
Vivian McPeak Seattle Hempfest
Lynnette Shaw Marin Alliance
Alice Huffman President California NAACP
Rob Kampia, MPP
Norm Stamper, former Seattle Police Chief
California Cannabis Coalition
Craig Beresh


Check out this independent Facebook Poll of California Cannabis initiatives. It shows RMLW leading nearly 5 to 1 over our nearest competing initiative. See here to view the poll and to vote: http://www.facebook.com/questions/335899416422141

From The California Cannabis Coalition


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