February 21, 2012

Campaign To End Marijuana Prohibition In Oregon Picking Up Momentum

February 21, 2012
oregon marijuana

oregon marijuanaSignature gathers for IP-24 collected another 10,000 signatures in the past two weeks, bringing the total now collected to over 35,000 according to Chief Petitioner Bob Wolfe.

As we continue to accelerate our efforts, we’re getting a very positive response from people on the street. At Monday’s rally at the State Capitol, signature gatherers collected over 300 signatures in three hours.

Whenever there are good crowds of good people, we do very well. They understand its time for us to end marijuana prohibition, stop wasting law enforcement resources on personal use and end the insanity that creates a huge and violent black market.

It’s time to end prohibition again. Join us!

Original Release can be found here. For information on how to donate or volunteer, visit them online at https://www.endprohibitionagain.com or follow their campaign on Facebook.

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