May 18, 2012

Campaign To End Marijuana Prohibition In Oregon Files Over 120,000 Signatures In Bid To Qualify For 2012 Ballot

May 18, 2012
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vote for marijuanaCitizens For Sensible Law Enforcement Files Over 120,000 Signatures to Qualify for Early Turn-In

Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement today will file enough signatures today to meet the early turn-in deadline and allow the Secretary of State to begin counting its signatures, according to Chief Petitioner Bob Wolfe. The campaign will crack the 120,000 signature mark with today’s turn-in.

“This is yet another milestone in our effort to end marijuana prohibition in Oregon,” said Wolfe. “These 120,000 signatures with six weeks to go put us right on track to qualify for the November ballot.”

Initiative Petition 24 would allow adults 21 and over personal use of marijuana provided their actions do not endanger children or public safety. It allows the state to establish regulations, but says that no criminal sanctions or forfeiture proceedings can be levied against adults who use marijuana for personal use.

“As we saw in the Democratic Primary for Oregon’s Attorney General, the voters of this state are ready to welcome an end to marijuana prohibition provided it is done in a safe and sensible manner. Our initiative does that and today marks yet another major benchmark in our efforts.”

For information on how to donate or volunteer to the campaign to end marijuana prohibition in Oregon, visit their website at or follow their campaign on Facebook.

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