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Mr. Sweet's Hydro Becomes a DFW NORML Freedom Fighter

I am very happy to put up this post. Anytime I see a cannabis friendly business step up and make a donation, it makes me happy. If everyone in the industry had the wisdom and foresight that Glenn Jackson does, the marijuana movement would be a lot farther along than it is now. Mr. Glenn Jackson donated $1,000 dollars to the cause, and so I am putting his info on Google news and Google searches, in addition to our social media network which grows everyday.

I am willing to do the same thing for any other cannabis friendly businesses that want to put their money where their mouth is. Make a donation, get The Weed Blog bump. Sounds like a good deal to me. Disclaimer - these better be good donations, the larger the amount, the larger the love :) See Mr. Sweet's story below:

DFW NORML would like to recognize our newest member Glenn Jackson. Glenn just made an extremely generous $1,000 donation to become our chapter's first ever Freedom Fighter. Glenn's supporte gives us the resources to really make a difference. We talked to Glenn about his support of legalization and we want to better acquaint you with our new comrade!

Glenn, the owner of Mr. Sweet's Hydroponic Shop in Dallas, connected with DFW NORML on Twitter when he opened an account for his shop and began following and interacting with other industry-friendly accounts. When I asked Glenn what prompted such a generous donation, he said it was "important to establish a commitment in the beginning of a mutually beneficial long-term partnership."

According to Glenn, his support of NORML is not just for potential financial benefit for his own business. He supports full decriminalization because he believes in the medicinal qualities of the herb. Glenn has been involved in two car accidents in which he was rear-ended on the highway and he still regularly experiences pain and discomfort associated with the injuries he received. "I'm a smoker," he says, "it helps my aches and pains."

Glenn has a friend who is a cancer patient and who swears by cannabis's healing properties. "He refuses to take the drugs doctors prescribe him," Glenn says. This attitude makes sense, as chemo treatment can be just as deadly as cancer itself. This just goes to show that despite a raging War on Drugs and federal attempts to oppress medical marijuana as recently as last week, people are still buying, selling and using medical cannabis, and they have to purchase it through an illegal black market.

As a small business owner, Glenn is of the opinion that by approving pot-permissive policies here in Texas, business at his shop would increase while fear and stigmas about growth for personal use would decrease. "There is a great potential for financial benefit," he said, referring of course to legalizing marijuana in the Lone Star state. It's high time we do so, especially with polls showing that 8 out of 10 Americans support medical marijuana! Glenn is even interested in opening his own medical dispensary someday.

You can expect to see Glenn around at upcoming events such as our 4/20 celebration this Friday at Froggy's, and at Cinco de Mota on May 5, where he will have an information booth and a grow tent set up to demonstrate a simple type of grow-op you can install yourself in your home. And remember, DFW NORML members will receive a 20% discount at Mr. Sweet's, which is located at 12640 E. NW HWY in Dallas, Texas.

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DFW NORML would like to dank, I mean thank, Mr. Jackson for his generous contribution. We look forward to furthering our new partnership. If you would like to Become a Sponsor of DFW NORML, you can contact Executive Director Shaun McAlister

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