April 4, 2012

Cannabis Movie Review: Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green

April 4, 2012
cash crop - the golden state gone green marijuana

cash crop - the golden state gone green marijuana‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green’ Is My New Favorite Film About Marijuana

I first heard about ‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green‘ film when I was at the SSDP Conference in Denver. Some of the conference attendees had it in their hands when they walked by our table, and as loyal readers know, there’s not many things that I like more than a movie about marijuana. I grew up watching a lot of Cheech and Chong in my family, so maybe that has something to do with it. I asked a couple people how much the ‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green‘ DVD cost, and they told me that the director was at the conference giving them out to people for free if they promised to vote and/or pass the DVD along to a friend after they had watched it. Needless to say, I was very impressed.

As the conference went along, there was a polite gentleman walking around looking at display booths and eventually made his way to our table. He introduced himself as Adam Ross from the Bay Area. After getting Adam to answer some of my questions about the panel he had just been to, I asked him if he got a copy of the ‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green‘ DVD that the SSDP members were raving about. Oddly enough, I was talking to the director of the film, Adam Ross. I was a little embarrassed, but I blamed it on too many brownies, which tends to always be my excuse.

It was fantastic to get the ‘behind the scenes’ version of the making of the film. The films creators went undercover for two years starting at the Mexico border and working their way up to the Oregon border. Along the way they met all kinds of people in the industry, from dispensary owners to activists and everything in between. Adam explained to me that ‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green‘ is much more to him that just a DVD. He hopes that it can be viewed by as many people as possible to further the movement. When I see people pass up dollars if it means helping the movement, that let’s me know that their intentions are noble, which is exactly what I saw at the conference with the director of ‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green‘.

I have contacted many film directors and companies to try to get interviews and see if they wanted an article on this site, and every time the conversation inevitably turned to ‘what amount of money will we get out of this.’ One marijuana movie director actually told me I would have to pay him in order to do a review of his movie on this site, even though the movie claims to be an activist based documentary. That’s beyond not the case with Adam. He told me that he is going to be doing events where if you bring in your voter registration card showing you registered to vote, he will give you a free copy of ‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green‘. He will take any party affiliation :)

I had high expectations going into my first viewing of this film, and it totally blew me away despite the fact. Most marijuana documentaries miss the point of the movement. They glamorize the ‘green rush’ of people making tons of money, which is not accurate. For every grower that I know that made it big, I know ten other growers that dumped thousands of dollars on a trip to the grow store just to be putting their gear on Craigslist due to a spider mite, heat, or mildew issue. This is probably the only marijuana documentary that points out that fact while also showing people that have been successful.

The film ‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green‘ is a must see. If you love cannabis, you will love this film, and you can rest assured that the dollars you spend will go to support a very hardworking group of cannabis activists. If the ‘Cash Crop – The Golden State Gone Green‘ crew can get adequate funding via DVD sales, they would love to do ‘Cash Crop’ movies in other states. I know I would LOVE to see ‘Cash Crop – Anywhere Oregon‘ on DVD! Please do the marijuana movement a favor, buy this DVD, watch it, then pass it along to someone else so they can get educated and then do the same. If everyone in America followed this principle, everyone would eventually see it. Below is information about the film that I found on the net:

“Cash Crop is a calm, insightful look at the often-fervent state of today’s marijuana debate, and certainly warrants at least one solid viewing” – Tyler Davidson from Culture Magazine

“I think ‘Cash Crop’ stood out for its imaginative use of multi-screen editing, as well as an outstanding soundtrack by director-musician Adam Ross.” – High Times Magazine


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