April 8, 2011

Health Science Company Cannabis Science, Inc., Pursues the Medicines of Tomorrow

April 8, 2011
Medical Marijuana

Health Science research involves exploring technologies and treatments that improve healthcare. Research involving medical cannabis is often passed over within this large industry. One company, Cannabis Science Inc. is working to change this and attempting to discover the best methods for using cannabis in healthcare. If your interested in learning more about this medical based field, visit the site Health Science Degree that does a pretty good job of explaining the education and professions involved in health science.

By Jasen T. Davis

Cannabis Science, Inc. is a Colorado-based biotech company dedicated to medical cannabis. According to the company’s site, this includes researching “…a variety of effective whole plant cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products.”

Their website, cannabisscience.com, is lean, clean and coolly professional. There are no pot leaves or obvious hippy-dippy iconography to deter potential (conservative) investors since the company is listed on NASDAQ and is publically traded under the CBIS.

Dr. Robert Melamede, the president and CEO for the Colorado Springs-based company, recently criticized the Department of Veterans affairs for ignoring the possible benefits of medical cannabis in helping military veterans treat symptoms for post-traumatic stress disorder, which can include a wide range of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and headaches.

“Everyone talks about ‘supporting our troops,’ but here are real-world examples of how politicians and bureaucrats are putting prohibition ahead of the needs of the patients, even our veterans. This problem demonstrates why our research is so important.”

Synthetic reproductions of cannabis have been criticized by patients for being much more expensive and far less potent than their natural counterpart, which is why the demand for medical cannabis remains at the level it does throughout the country despite intense federal pressure.

Cannabis Science is also at the forefront of research for the prevention and treatment of cancer. A recent abstract published by Dr. Melamede entitled “Medical Marijuana, A Cure for Cancer?” reported that an Australian woman living in Queensland was given a topical application of cannabis extract to treat her basal cell carcinoma. Within 10 days lesions on her face disappeared without the need for surgery. Cannabis Science is also investigating blood pressure medications as well as treatments for HIV and bird flu.

Despite data that shows its effectiveness in treating serious illnesses, the federal government still maintains that the research to support medical marijuana as a viable health treatment is inconclusive, and refuses to provide funding to promote further study.

Despite the politics, Cannabis Science continues to forge again with an eye on tomorrow’s medicine and the future of modern science.

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