November 3, 2014

Cincinnati City Council Unanimously Approves Marijuana Expungement Bill

November 3, 2014
cincinnati marijuana

cincinnati marijuanaHaving the ‘marijuana scarlet letter’ can ruin a person’s life. Having a marijuana related conviction on one’s record can result in being turned down for a job, or for housing, or a number of other things that are important to living a successful life. I have seen many friends get turned down for coaching and other volunteer opportunities with their kids just because they have a marijuana conviction on their record. No one should have to live that like, not for a plant that is much safer than alcohol and tobacco.

Fortunately for Cincinnati, Ohio residents, the City Council recently passed an expungement bill. Per The Joint Blog:

The Cincinnati City Council gave unanimous approval Wednesday to a measure allowing for the expungement of cannabis possession misdemeanors. The proposal, put forth by Councilmember Charlie Winburn, is supported by Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell.

The proposed law, which now heads to Mayor John Cranley for consideration (though the Council has well more than enough votes to override a veto), would allow those who’ve receive a charge for possessing up to 200 grams of cannabis within the city to have it sealed from their record, so that it won’t appear on a background check.

I’m hopeful that Mayor John Cranley will sign the measure into law. If for any reason because he knows that if he doesn’t, the City Council will override such a decision. If wish every city council in America was as sensible as Cincinnati’s City Council.


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