May 3, 2012

Colorado Amendment 64 Infographic

May 3, 2012
colorado amendment 64

colorado amendment 64Amendment 64 Infographic

I saw this on Marijuana.Com and had to share it:

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Amendment 64 in any professional way, I’m just a vocal supporter and art school graduate with a decent computer.

I am a Colorado resident and felt there was a severe lack of simple, clear information on A64 so I went ahead and compiled it myself. I tried to keep it as neutral as possible so you could send this to family members or people who are on the fence. I tried to keep it short and sweet, I hope you guys find this informative. Post it on Facebook and Twitter, generate a QR code for the link and slap it up in public, do anything you can to get people talking about A64! There is a very good chance this will pass.

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