Colorado Marijuana Survey


Survey About Marijuana In Colorado

This is a guest post by TuTone, who works for a very worthwhile organization. I have yet to talk to a person that is OK with Colorado HB 1284, and I think this survey by his organization, ‘High Country Caregiver,’ is a very constructive way to voice opposition to the legislation, as well as marijuana prohibition in general. Here is the article and link to the survey posted below:

High Country Caregiver represents patients and caregivers in the High Country of Colorado. The legislative session has ended and CO HB 10 - 1284 sits on Governor Ritter's desk waiting for a Veto or a signature of approval which will make it law. CO HB 10-1284 really attacks the patient/caregiver relationship, and makes the process of getting patients their medicine very grey.

We decided to implement a survey via advertising on blogs on the Denver Post, Colorado Springs Gazzette, TheWeedBlog.Com, Summit Daily News, and more. The survey is 5 simple questions regarding medical marijuana regulation and legalization, and there is a nicely organized analysis, including the comments that update as more people take the survey.

Colorado's new medical marijuana regulations really throw the small Colorado growers and caregivers into a fuzzy situation where law enforcement and a newly created team of 'auditors with guns' will come and do plant counts and otherwise violate patient's rights. The regulations haven't become law yet, and many patients and community leaders are still trying to understand CO HB 10 — 1284; let alone act on its regulations. For these reasons, High Country Caregiver is asking everyone to do the Colorado Medical Marijuana Regulations survey and view the results at: High Country Caregiver Survey

We thank you for doing the survey and your response is very important. We have e-mailed the results to the powers that be in hopes of a Veto on Colorado HB 10 - 1284.

Photo by High Country Caregiver (sour diesel, yum)