April 24, 2012

Cops Break The Law To Help Oregon Politician

April 24, 2012
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no badcopsLaw Enforcement In Oregon Should Be Fined For Election Violations

It wasn’t that long ago that a friend here in Oregon pointed out that Dwight Holton is running for Oregon Attorney General as a Democrat, and that if he wins, it will be the first medical marijuana domino of many to fall. Like I have stated in the past, I have held some of the harassing letters that Dwight Holton sent out to legal collective owners and their landlords. I read one that was specifically written for my friend, in addition to the generic letter that all other collective owners received. I know people that had their medicine taken away due to the raids that Dwight Holton led in Southern Oregon. He has negatively impacted a lot of my closest friend’s lives, which has resulted in me going after Dwight Holton with every keystroke and phone call I can manage.

I have been on the phone and talking via e-mail with major media outlets and national reform organizations ever since the Oregonian article by Susan Nielsen came out, in which she tried to spread inaccurate information just hours after The Oregonian endorsed Dwight Holton. She had some choice words for me in her article, which I think she is now realizing was not the best idea. The ‘Not Holton‘ campaign is not a smear campaign, no matter how much The Oregonian tries to portray it as such. The ‘Not Holton‘ campaign is a truth campaign. And if that truth is unsettling, it should be more of a reflection on Dwight Holton than on the people telling it.

It is now a fact that Dwight Holton is using law enforcement officials as part of his campaign. That is illegal. Dwight Holton is literally using cops to break the law in order to try to win his election. In an article from 2010 on The Oregonian’s own website, it states, ‘law enforcement officials are alleged to have violated a state law which excludes public officials from promoting or opposing any measure or candidate as part of their official duties.’ The law enforcement community was fined for their actions, which were being used to fight a medical marijuana initiative. It’s not coincidence that they fought Measure 74 in 2010, and despite being reprimanded, cops are now out in support of Dwight. Below is one of Dwight’s campaign videos showing the obvious violation:

Now that you have seen one of his videos, do me a favor. Go to EVERY Dwight Holton video on YouTube and post comments about how you feel about an anti-medical marijuana prosecutor from the East Coast coming in and trying to buy an election for the sole purpose of dismantling medical marijuana. Post as many comments as you can, and tell others to do the same. NOTE – Dwight Holton’s camp turns off their comments on YouTube quite often, and tries to censor what people post on the comments. Let’s show these idiots that they can’t limit social media for the purpose of rigging an election!

Does Oregon want an Attorney General candidate who thinks it’s OK to get cops to break laws in order to win elections? What message does that send to kids about Dwight Holton and law enforcement? What message does that send to other candidates that will no doubt want to do the same thing? Dwight has no excuse, as he should know damn well that what he is doing is against the law. Unless he doesn’t know about Oregon campaign laws, because he’s not an Oregonian….

The Oregonian and elite establishment are trying to create a distraction so that people don’t realize what’s going on in Dwight’s campaign. The chief petitioner for Oregon’s I-24 campaign was accused by Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown of signature gathering violations. Despite the fact that these are just allegations, and no proof has been provided to the public, it didn’t stop The Oregonian from printing an article about it. Is The Oregonian trying to distract people from the obvious fact that Dwight Holton is breaking campaign laws, by trying to hurl unfounded accusations at people leading marijuana reform? It’s the same media outlet that endorsed Dwight Holton on 12:47 AM, just to post false information in an article supporting him at 6:12 AM on the same day…tisk tisk

This will come back to bite Kate Brown, who is running for re-election. Voters are not happy right now, and Kate Brown will need every vote she can get. It will take a strong initiative to get voting numbers up and people to the polls in Oregon. Right now there is a ‘conservative’ initiative that is going to be on the ballot, and just one other initiative…to end marijuana prohibition…the same initiative that Kate Brown is hurling accusations at even though there has been no completed investigation…Kate Brown will need energetic voters on election day, who are voting because of an initiative, not because of a candidate. She will need votes to trickle from these types of voters in order to win re-election. I know that she just lost my vote with this BS, and I’m far from alone.

I hope Dwight Holton realizes that the Oregon medical marijuana community will not stop what we are doing. We will not stop pointing out the fact that Dwight Holton has received most of his campaign dollars from outside of Oregon. We will not stop pointing out the fact that Dwight Holton wasn’t a member of the Oregon Bar until 2009. We will not stop pointing out that the fact that he has never tried a case in Oregon courts. With media services like NBC and NPR watching, we will continue to shout at the rooftops. Dwight Holton and his friends at The Oregonian can try to run a smear campaign against us all they want to. We will continue to run our ‘truth campaign.’ In the meantime, expect charges against Oregon law enforcement for their obvious campaign violations. Hopefully people are more upset about it this time around, so they won’t just keep doing it over and over again.

Today is the last day to register as a Democrat in order to vote in this election. CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER AS A DEMOCRAT IN OREGON, IT’S VITAL!


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