Cops Say Forty Years Of Failed War On Drugs Is Enough


By Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

On June 17, 1971 President Richard Nixon declared a "war on drugs." We arrested fewer than half a million people for drug offenses that year. Today, that number has skyrocketed to nearly two million arrests every year, and looking at the damage done, it is clear that drug prohibition has failed.

President Obama has expressed willingness to focus on drug policy from a public health perspective, and earlier this year, he told LEAP that legalization was "an entirely legitimate topic for debate," but his policies have not reflected any real shift in priorities.

Our cops will be marking the 40th anniversary of the "war on drugs" by taking their concerns directly to the drug czar's office next week in an attempt to hand-deliver a brand new report we'll be releasing that details the ongoing carnage of this war. We'll send more information about the report next week, but for now please back up our law enforcers by taking a moment to send a letter to the president telling him 40 years of the "war on drugs" is enough!

Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)
Executive Director
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition