D.C. Police Chief: Marijuana Decriminalization Makes Jobs Easier


Last year Washington D.C. decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana. People are no longer being arrested for possessing personal amounts of marijuana in Washington D.C.. Instead, they are given a $25 ticket. Washington D.C. has one of the best decriminalization laws in the country. This has freed up law enforcement to go after real criminals, which is something that D.C.'s Police Chief says makes cops' jobs easier. Per Marijuana.Com:

washington dc marijuana decriminalization

Despite raising concerns with the decriminalization of marijuana in Washington, D.C. before it was enacted, the top cop in the nation's capital now says the policy makes police officers' jobs easier.

Cathy Lanier, chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, told NewsChannel 8 on Tuesday that decriminalization "saves us from having to charge someone for small amounts of marijuana now, because it really never was productive to begin with."

Now that officers don't have to spend time making arrests, "it's a little bit easier for us," she said.

I wish all members of law enforcement realized the fact that marijuana reform is good for law enforcement. Law enforcement should be going after real criminals, and shouldn't be tied up enforcing failed prohibition. Jail beds should be reserved for members of society that are not fit to be in public, and should never be occupied by someone who was caught with a substance that is safer than alcohol or tobacco.