September 4, 2014

DC Legalization Campaign Needs Registration Drive Money NOW

September 4, 2014
washington dc marijuana legalization

washington dc marijuana legalizationBy David Borden

The DC campaign to legalize marijuana in the District of Columbia needs donations this week, for a voter registration drive that needs to go full speed from now until the early October mail-in deadline. Please visit our web site at and make the most generous donation you can — please put a note in the comment box saying that it is for the “DC Cannabis Campaign.” We will donate 100% of it to the campaign.

(You can also make the donation straight to the campaign if you prefer — and I hope you’ll sign up for their email list. But donating to us for the campaign will help us meet our pledge of raising at least $5,000. If you donate straight to the campaign instead, I hope you’ll also send us a note to let us know you did and how much.)

Initiative 71 will legalize possession and home growing of marijuana in DC. (It leaves regulated legalization of sales to the council because that can’t be done through an initiative under DC law.) A victory will add to the momentum of battles now underway in Oregon and Alaska, and from legalized marijuana systems being implemented right now in Colorado and Washington. It will advance the credibility of the anti-prohibitionists who want to set our country free and make this a national issue that no one can ignore any longer.

TO DONATE: Visit our donation page to make a generous donation supporting the DC Cannabis Campaign. Please select the option to make a non-deductible donation supporting our lobbying work, and indicate in the notes field that it is for the DC campaign, Initiative 71. If you can afford it, please return to the donation page to make a second gift (tax-deductible or non-deductible) supporting our ongoing work that makes this outreach possible, or indicate in the notes field how much of your gift is meant for the campaign vs. our organization.

IF YOU LIVE HERE YOU CAN VOLUNTEER TOO: If you live in the DC-area, please contact and become part of the campaign’s volunteer force. Please include “DCMJ volunteer” in the subject line. Campaign organizers will be in touch soon thereafter.

This is an exciting time. We’re not a voice in the wilderness anymore. Unprecedented gains are within our reach — even in the nation’s capital.

Will you join us?

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