January 2, 2015

DC’s New Attorney General Says Marijuana Legalization Can Proceed

January 2, 2015
washington dc marijuana decriminalization

washington dc marijuana decriminalizationDuring the 2014 Election, Washington D.C. voters overwhelmingly passed a marijuana legalization initiative. Attempts by politicians outside of D.C. to prevent implementation were swift. Provisions added to the federal spending bill by members of Congress suggested that the marijuana legalization initiative would not become a reality. However, after a lot of analysis, and poor wording in the federal spending bill, it appears that attempts to stop implementation didn’t work. Washington D.C.’s new Attorney General agrees. Per the Washington Post:

Racine will have an opportunity to make an immediate splash: His office must review the implications of the closely watched marijuana legalization measure that D.C. voters approved overwhelmingly on Nov. 4 but that has since been subject to a congressional attempt to overturn it.

In an interview, Racine made clear that he would seek to uphold the ballot initiative, saying that the language included in the recent federal spending bill may block future attempts to loosen marijuana controls but not the Nov. 4 vote. His stance comports with the interpretation put forward by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) and other D.C. and Democratic officials.

“We think Initiative 71 was basically self-enacted, just as the congresswoman does,” Racine said. “And we think there’s good support for that position, and we’re going to support that position.”

I cannot wait until there is legal recreational marijuana being grown in our nation’s capital. I would also like to see a thriving industry there, but I especially want to see average citizens growing their own marijuana in their own homes. That’s something I have been waiting to see for a long time. Hopefully people like Andy Harris will give up and realize that they can’t stop the winds of change, and that the reefer madness era in D.C. is over.


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