April 9, 2014

DFW NORML Unveils First Pro Marijuana Billboard In North Texas

April 9, 2014
dfw norml marijuana billboard marijuana march

DFW NORML is one of, if not the most active NORML chapter in America. I have been a big fan of their work even before I co-founded this blog in 2010. Texas is in desperate need of marijuana reform, and DFW NORML is leading the charge. Below is information about a billboard that they just launched in Texas, which is a strategy that I hope other chapters do too:

The Dallas / Fort Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (DFW NORML) is unveiling what might be called a “sign of the times” for marijuana legalization in Texas; its first ever billboard to promote its 2014 Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth. The billboard is the first of its kind in North Texas, if not the entire state, and will be located approximately .1 mile West of Anglin Drive; visible from the Westbound lanes.

dfw norml marijuana billboard marijuana march

The Global Marijuana March is a free event for anyone who’s fed up with the prohibition of marijuana as a medicine, religious sacrament, or simply a safer recreational alternative to pills, alcohol, and tobacco. This year marks the 15th anniversary of marijuana marches around the globe, which have taken place in over 800 cities, across 72 nations.

Through the generosity of local businesses, the respectful involvement of local government, law enforcement, members of our local media, and the community, DFW NORML will once again host its own Global Marijuana March. The annual rally proudly returns to Mambo’s Tapas Cantina on May 3rd, at Federal Plaza, in downtown Fort Worth. The free event will begin at high noon and last until 8 pm. The official march will begin at 4:20 pm, near the famous panther fountain, located at Throckmorton and West 9th St.

Texans are ready for a change and this is the day we march together for it! DFW NORML invites you, your friends, coworkers, kids, parents, grandparents, representatives, local media, and socially responsible animals for a day of music, speakers, vendors, food, prizes and of course – the march itself.

Plan to attend and do your part to help spread the word and together we’ll continue ending cannabis prohibition one Texan at a time. Isn’t it high time you got involved?

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